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Motor Insurance

Whether you are a single mom taking care of all the household work, a retired employee who is looking to live a hassle free life or a busy professional with non-stop meetings and have hardly any spare time to deal with numerous issues that comes with an accident, then Doha Takaful is definitely the right partner to turn to.

There are in total two carefully devised insurance policies being offered at Doha Takaful:

    Motor Compulsory Insurance (Third Party Liability)

    Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance)

Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance)

Our comprehensive insurance plan aims to protect you against all sort theft, physical damage to the car, bodily injury of the passenger of the car and in addition to this; it also covers third-party liability.

The prominent coverage it offers includes:

  • Free Repair (first year only)

  • Third Party Liabilities Coverage

  • No deductible on spare parts (first year only)

  • Coverage for Own Damage

  • All Passengers Medical coverage related to the accident

  • Third Party Liability Insurance (T.P.L)

  • Third Party Insurance covers:

  • Coverage and compensation in respect of injury to other people (including your passengers) resulting from an accident that has occurred due to your fault.

  • Damage or loss to other peoples' property resulting from an accident that has occurred due to your fault

Doha Takaful

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