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Travel Insurance

Set in a great mood and all ready to take a trip to your dream destination? We know the mood is right, but you can never tell when the time may go wrong. It is often said that the worst things happen at the least expected time at the worst possible places. So for times like these, we want you to be prepared not to handle all these worries alone, especially when you are in your vacation mode, but to let us take care of all the inconveniences so you could enjoy your long awaited vacations uninterrupted with your love, family or friends!

Choose us as your partner to your vacations and we promise to protect you against all the mishaps that include

The product provides cover for Individual, Families, Schengen Visa and Hajj Umra Protection for the following benefits:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Lost baggage
  • Cancellation of the trip
  • Accidents
  • Passport, Identity card, credit card loss and so on

We have multiple plans specially designed to meet your needs at the most reasonable prices:

  • Travel Smart
  • Inbound Travel
  • Travel Plus

Discuss your plan with our experts at Doha Takaful to get the best insurance policy customized to your needs and budget!

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