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Travel Insurance

Needless to say, employees are definitely one of the key players of any organization and in order to ensure they give their 100% to work, it is essential to keep them motivated, full of energy and satisfied.

As the competition in the market is getting stiffer, employees face the direct impact of it which over time makes them feel fatigued and burn out. The best way to help them refuel and re-energize themselves is to give them a break and allow them to go on an amazing vacation. This would help them to feel revitalized and refreshed, and once they are back to work you would witness an ever highest productivity from your employees.  

However, it could turn the other way if they experience something in their vacation they were not prepared for. An accident, tragedy or a mishap never really comes invited, so in order to deal with any of such incident, Doha Takaful offers a comprehensive insurance plan to its valuable clients, whose aim is to protect your employees against:

  •     Emergency medical expenses

  •     Accidental Death

  •     Emergency Assistance

  •     Repatriation

  •     Cancelation and curtailment

  •     Delayed departure

  •     Passport Loss


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